Pismo Beach Engagement

Michele and T.J. are engaged and when they contacted me to shoot their engagement we talked about lots of different ideas but decided to go where they met – Pismo Beach. I loved the session. I absolutely love sunsets on the beach and shooting with other creative people.

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Pismo Beach Engagement

Pismo Beach Engagement

For Pismo Beach Sessions or Weddings on the Central Coast or Central Valley call me at 559.334.3991 (please leave a message as I cannot always answer my phone when shooting.) I would love to talk about your engagement or wedding!

Rural Sessions | Visalia

Rural portraits are my specialty. I can do just about anything with a camera but I like wearing my boots, walking through the farm, orchard or fields to get great pictures at my barn, sheds or old barbwire fences. It’s what I love to do.

At the Barn

At the Barn

In one location on my property I have 3 barns, a couple sheds and orchard, old rusted farm equipment, old barbwire fences, an old tractor and so much more. Rural portraits are taken right here in Visalia. Depending on time and season different areas of the farm, orchard and barns are available. No one else can use them so they are unique from any other photographer. It’s also private so there are not interruptions during the sessions.

Fall Family Photos by Robert Wheater

Fall Family Photos by Robert Wheater

No matter what the season is I can create great pictures right here in Visalia, California. In a single hour, we can visit a dozen locations all within short walks of each other.

Visalia Photographers

Rural Visalia with Robert Wheater Photography

While I do all kinds of photography, digital and traditional art – my main focus is providing photography services in Visalia, California. I also have access to all the great bricks and alleys of downtown Main Street Visalia. I just prefer shooting in the privacy of my home and barn property. It’s like having a giant outdoor studio.

Book with me now at info@robertwheater.com or use the contact link above.


Photographers have been hard hit over the last few years. For me, it isn’t about money or I would have quit this a long time ago. So, I wracked my brain as much as I could to try and think of a way I could drum up new clients and at the same time keep shooting and do what I love to do. I thought what if I could show people my work and then ask them what they wanted to pay for it. So, that’s what I am doing. Pay What You Want for Your Pictures.

I’ve been doing this for seven years now. Definitely had it’s ups and downs but I want to prove that I have great skill in this and I think the best way to show that is by doing this. So, from April 15, 2014 through May 31st, 2014 I am offering my photography services on a Pay What You Want plan. I want to stay busy shooting more than I want money. I love portraits.

Photography is Digital Art

Over the last few years photography has really changed. A good photographer is now a digital artist. Digital cameras, software and editing has changed the landscape of photography. I would definitely consider myself a master of digital editing. I have been doing it since Photoshop first came out and I have never stopped learning the newest cutting edge editing software – including 3D modeling which photographers don’t ever go into. Below is an example of one of my digital paintings from a photograph. The model for the photo is Jessica. She has been really helping me change my art from the ‘old’ photography into the new photography. There are only one or two artists in California that can ‘edit’ like this.

Painting of Jessica Dru

Painting of Jessica Dru

This type of editing is a complete edit. I edit for every aspect and literally repaint a photograph pixel-by-pixel. In Visalia and all of Central California you cannot find digital artists and photographers that do this. It is a fusion of photography and traditional painting creating a digital painting that is unique and amazing. Looking at it on the screen does not do it justice. They look incredible but are still photo realistic. They are not astronomically priced like the paintings they look identical to. A traditional oil painting will cost a very minimum of $5,000 for a small one… more than $20,000 for a large one. I do this art for far less and it’s not because of lower quality. It’s because I have perfected a system that is digital and makes incredible realistic art. For more information email me at info@robertwheater.com.

My kind of Selfie.

I still don’t really use a cellphone to take pictures…. as a matter of fact, I have not carried a cellphone for seven years. I decided to get rid of my phone and just get a house phone. Nothing bad about having a cell. It’s just not for me. I would rather walk through the dirt in my boots, hang outside with my kids and enjoy myself. I always find that a cellphone gets in the way of that. A text here.. a call… whatever really. The cellphone is a distraction from life. I really think people need to put them down for a few hours a day. They are a distraction from life.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait. Robert Wheater.

Horse Paintings 1-4

I decided to do a series of horse art after I did my first painting of a horse. The entire series was painted over the course of a month. When my parents divorced my father moved to back to Wyoming, where I was born and I would fly out and visit him each summer and winter. This started when I was about eleven years old. I was always by horses but I never really rode them, I admired them. I loved sitting at the fence when I was a kid and feeding them apples.

I lost my connection with horses some time ago. Then I went to work with Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey. Horses were everywhere. As a matter of fact, I met my wife and she helped train the horses and zebras. I would go out and help her get a barn cleaned up so we could take off and eat. These horses were magnificent.

Among them were the horses of Hans Suppmeier and the horses of Sylvia Zerbini. These horses were beautiful to say the least. I wasn’t painting actively back then. I was in my twenties and I hadn’t even really found any sort of direction I wanted my life to go. I regret opportunities I lost as an artist not painting back then. Regardless, the horses were amazing and I spent a few days here and there going out to help my wife clean the barn and hang out with animals. I don’t care what anyone says about the animals in the circus. I didn’t work in the animal department but I was there daily. I never saw animals harmed at all. The opposite. These animals were loved by an entire extended family.

I love horses. I wish I had more contact with them. I feed the neighbor’s horse. I spent a few years as a child growing up on a farm. Now, I regret all the opportunities I never seized to create horse art but instead of beating myself up over it. I decided to paint horses. I am painting a series of twelve horse paintings. So here are the first four of my horse paintings.


I love painting portraits of horses. My meetings and calls are by appointment only. You can leave a message at 559.334.3991 or email me at info@robertwheater.com. I would love to talk to you about painting your horse. Also, I do have original art available.

Horse Painting .

Horse Painting. In the Morning Fog. Watermark is not on art.

Horse Painting.

Horse Painting. “A Smile.” 2013.

Painted Horse

Painting of a Painted Horse. Robert Wheater. 2013.


Horse Painting

Horse Painting 4. Robert Wheater 2013.


Painting a Horse

Painting a Horse

A couple of weeks ago I got an email requesting a painting of a horse. I had painted a few in the past but I have a new process now and my skill is much better than it was back then. With my new process I create the reference images myself so that I am 100% that the colors will be correct. I am also a professional photographer and focus on making sure color is correct. I did a painting awhile ago where the eye color of my subject was blue but in the reference images the eyes were green. I will never make that mistake again.

I loved painting that horse but it started something else. Everyone that saw the painting loved it. I have several friends with horses and several were asking about prints or getting their horse painted. Needless to say by the end of the day I had a whole bunch of resources and I was starting a new series of painted horses. I will be creating twelve horses. I have two complete already.

So what started as a horse portrait painting commission turned into an entire series focused on horses. That’s how this stuff happens sometimes. My plan was to paint a single horse, get my commission and go back to portraits of people. I was around horses pretty often when I was younger and in my summers and winters visiting my father in Wilson, Wyoming. Today, I don’t really have much contact with horses. But after painting one horse, I fell in love.

Horse prints will be available for the entire series. I am also making limited prints of the horse series. These prints will be hand signed and numbered. There will only be 25 limited prints available for each piece of art in the horse collection. The painting below is the second in the series. I can’t wait to do more.

If you are interested in a horse portrait painting of your horse contact me by email today. info@robertwheater.com. I would love to paint your horse portrait.

Horse Painting.

Horse Painting. “A Smile.” 2013. By Robert Wheater


Horse Painting “In the Morning Fog.”

I have finished my Horse Painting called “In the Morning Fog”. I started my horse prints and painting series after creating a commissioned painting of a horse for an owner. I loved it and I decided to paint an entire series. Here is the first horse painting in the series.

Horse Painting.

Horse Painting. In the Morning Fog. Watermark is not on art.

If you like this horse painting I would love to invite you to consider purchasing a print directly from me.